Shoepremacy LLC

Air Legends Premium Brush

Air Legends is proud to bring to you our Premium Brushes!

  • Hog Hair Bristles
  • Concave (curved) sides for easy grip
  • Available in 2 styles:
    • Light Bristles, meant for Dry Cleaning your Sneakers
    • Dark Bristles, meant for Wet Cleaning with our Premium Cleaner

The Dry Brush is used to clean Dust, Dirt, and other Debris from the Shoe before using the liquid cleaner. You want to make sure there is minimal Dirt on the shoe before the liquid is applied so that it isn't rubbed into the Shoe. It is also very effective for removing hairs, small lint fibers and other debris from Hats or just a general dusting-off of the Shoes.
The Wet Brush is used only with the Liquid Cleaner. You don't want to use the same brush you used to remove the Dust, Dirt, etc. because that would put it right back on to the shoe. So you only use the Wet Brush with the Cleaner so the Brush itself is clean before use!

Once you are done, rinse each brush out with clean Water, let Air Dry and you're good to go for the next round!